Dinosaur Hunt in River Po Ep#2 - Break-line fishing for BIG catfish

MadCat Pro Staff Alessandro and Mirko are back on the River Po, this time break line fishing from the banks of the river and getting some action, but ...


White X-TAAZ Far Out Rod

The Top Model of the MadCat rod range. This is a Rod that can handle any big Catfish with ease and a rod for anglers who likes a large power reserve a...


Tying the Combi Rig

HOW TO: tie a dead bait rig for Catfish? Piotr from the Polish MadCat team takes us through all the steps of tying a good deadbait rig in this step b...


Avoiding terrain obstacles Tutorial - Episode 3

In this last episode of #buoyfishing Piotr from the Polish MADCAT team give us a good lesson on how to avoid terrain ostacles - it´s all about placing...


Placing the Buoy Tutorial - Episode 2

In the first Tutorial of "Buoy Fishing" MadCat team member Piotr showed us how to tie the rig, but what is just as important is to be able to place it...


Making the rig for buoy fishing Tutorial - Episode 1

HOW TO: Piotr Boufał the MadCat team takes you through one of the most used rigs for catfish fishing; the buoy rig. In the first episode focus is on t...


My First Catfish – Young angler, Big fish

Nothing beats the first catch! And when you get your first BIG Catfish and it is on video that is just amazing. Young Maciek is out fishing with the p...


Dinosaur Hunt for catfish in River Po - No1

Vertical jigging for Big Catfish in river Po with MadCat Pro Staff Alessandro and Mirko. Follow the two friends and get the goosebumps as this movie...


Meet two generations of… belly boats

the good, old MADCAT FPR180 belly boat in the middle and on the left and right side: the new MADCAT PRO-MOTOR 185 belly boats. The guy in the left is ...


Belly Boat Pro Motor 185 - Tutorial

A compact and light fishing vessel that can carry even a big guy and all the equipment wanted for fishing monster catfish.