Bastian Frey

Profile of Bastian Frey

  • Date of birth: 20.11.1994
  • Current status: Lingenfeld RLP, Germany
  • Hometown: R├╝lzheim, Germany
  • Activities: My passion is active and stationary fishing for catfish but from time to time I also like to fish for perch, zander and pike
  • Joined the Team: 26.07.2021


Why I decided to work with MADCAT is because I like being part of a great team where I can fully identify myself with. Furthermore, I’m totally convinced of our products. I absolutely love clonk and pelagic fishing for catfish. As soon as I spot one on the sonar who approaches my bait, the adrenaline rises which is more exciting than anything else and I feel the heartbeat all over my body. Another passion of mine is the stationary fishing for catfish because I love hanging out in nature with friends, cook something delicious and ideally getting torn from the sleep because of an exciting strike.


I started fishing with the age of 5 years old. At that time I fished for roaches, bream and whatever else bit. My father and brother have been also anglers. When I got older, I also chased pike and carp on small lakes and rivers. Slowly but surely, I specialized myself in spinning for the local predators. About 7 years ago I started catfishing in Germany which became a great passion for me. There is nothing more fascinating for me than catching the largest freshwater fish in Europe. I am not only admiring the size and weight they can achieve, but also by the primeval appearance and mysticism that surrounds it.

The three keys to success

  • No weather stops me
  • Put yourself in the position of the fish
  • Only the wet line catches fish, so go fishing