Michael Motzel

Profile of Michael Motzel

  • Date of birth: 06.06.1989
  • Hometown: Badem-W├╝rtenberg, Germany
  • Joined the Team: 03.01.2022


I chose MADCAT because I love being part of the team, exchanging our experiences and ideas together, and sharing the great team spirit. The fascination with catfish grabbed me more than 15 years ago and it just won’t let go – from year to year these mystical fish just seem to get bigger and bigger. To fight and catch a fish that has more strength, weight, and length than yourself is part of what allows my fascination to grow. There’s nothing quite like it.

Active spin fishing and tapping are among my two favourite methods for catching catfish. When spinning, I prefer to use hard baits because I can target different layers of water. When the impact finally comes after what feels like 1,000 casts, the adrenaline runs right through your body and that grin comes to your face. That’s what pulls me back to the water again and again. 


Growing up next to the water, I was always captivated by it. My grandpa first introduced me to fishing and my passion to outwit them grew with each passing year. In my opinion, the supreme discipline is of course to outwit the king of freshwater: the catfish. 

The three keys to success

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Be open to new things
  • Everything happens for a reason