Roy Noom

Profile of Roy Noom

  • Date of birth: 23.04.1981
  • Current status: -
  • Hometown: Zaanstad, Netherlands
  • Activities: Fishing
  • Joined the Team: 14.01.2015


Joined the Madcat Team as early Dutchy in 2015 because catfish legend and Madcat Head product responsible manager Lucas van der Geest asked me to join this team.
We know each other for several years and with the vision of Lucas and the knowledge of eacho ther and other team memebers we could made the difference in products. That`s really a great part of joining this Madcat team. Everuone knows where he is talking about and everyone is experienced enough to talk about the details in every product to get the best products for the customers.

After all I joined this team, to fish with the best equipment in industry and making friends all over Europe.


Fishing is my shill place after a week bizzy working behind the desktop and walking over orads in my daily business. The nature while fishing gives me the boost and energy to join and love every day in life.

The three keys to success

  • Never make consessions to your materials
  • Enjoy every day of fishing even with the worstest weather
  • Fishing is a mission not an competition