Make yourself a greener angler with our biodegradable weigh bags – an eco-friendly alternative to leads. Simply fill the bag with sand, clay or gravel from the place you are fishing, and it will weigh around 1kg, offering the perfect weight for many catfish fishing situations. Once filled, close the bag up and apply a swivel and snap – you can interchange with the MADCAT Safety Lead Clip XL. Despite the fact this bag looks and feels like plastic, it is actually made from corn, and will completely degrade in water within half a year. Please note, this is not designed for casting, but for being dropped from a boat or bait boat.
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• Made from corn material
• Degrades in water within half a year
• Weighs around 1kg when full of sand, gravel or clay
• Can be used with MADCAT Safety Lead Clip XL
• Not designed for casting, use a (bait) boat
• 25x10cm
• Twenty pieces per pack