Lurking in the murky depths of Europe’s rivers, ponds and lakes lies one of the continent’s biggest predators. They can be more than two metres in length and weigh more than 100kg and have a diet that includes crustaceans, fish of all sizes and even pigeons and ducks – it’s no wonder the catfish is considered one of the apex freshwater predators of the continent. The catfish represents one of the ultimate challenges for anglers and catching them has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. But it is no job for mere regular fishing tackle – you need specialist equipment to fight these brutal leviathans – and that’s where MADCAT comes in. 

Some years ago, the team at DAM identified a growing number of anglers attempting to catch monster catfish around Europe and they decided that some proper tackle for the job was needed. The MADCAT brand was launched soon after and has since become synonymous with some of the most famous and impressive catfish catches all around Europe. If you want to catch the catfish of your dreams, MADCAT can help you achieve it. We have created an all-encompassing range offering rods, lures, lines, terminal tackle, bite indicators, luggage, bivvies, bedchairs, clothing and a whole host of other accessories, all designed to withstand the rough and ready world of catfish fishing. Whether you are fishing from the bank or from a boat or other watercraft, MADCAT has specialised kit that makes it possible to stir up the giants of the deep and to get them on your unhooking mat. 

Because MADCAT was there right at the beginning of the modern European catfish fishing trend, the brand has helped to shape and guide the phenomenon by creating products that offer true solutions to the problems that catfish anglers encounter. We have sourced input from some of the most creative and determined anglers from in this field and our combined efforts have seen MADCAT achieve things that a catfish-specific brand could only dream of – such as winning international awards at European fishing trade fair EFTTEX. 

MADCAT continues to innovate and continues to push the boundaries – our pioneering attitude rubs off on every angler who uses our products. Catfish fishing is not for the faint hearted – it is for the brave, for the ambitious, for those who would choose MADCAT.

Svendsen Sport A/S is a leading European supplier of Sports Fishing Tackle. With headquarter close to Copenhagen in Denmark we innovate, develop, market and sell products to a large number of countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas through own sales companies and agents. Our most popular brands are Savage Gear, DAM, Prologic, Quick, Okuma, Scierra, Water Wolf, IMAX, Ron Thompsom, MadCat, Effzett. We are more than 180 employees with a sales exceeding 400 million DKK.

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