Alessandro Biancardi

Profile of Alessandro Biancardi

  • Date of birth: 16.09.1979
  • Hometown: Mantova, Italy
  • Activities: Cat fishing, carp fishing, zander and asp fishing
  • Joined the Team: 01.06.2021


In normal life I am a common worker and luckily I have quite a lot of time for fishing activities.

When I'm not fishing I fix my equipment or I go to the river to monitor conditions and find new spot, in addition to this I dedicate a lot of time my social pages (Facebook-Instagram) and to my YouTube channel, to have them always updated with my latest adventures.


The passion for fishing born from my father at the age of 8, he took me to my first fishing competition and thanks to him I got the first prize, it was the beginning of a big adventure that is still involving me more and more every year, I did several competitions then, as I got older, I specialized on carpfishing doing a lot of long sessions on lake and rivers.

But one day just as I was carpfishing I had the opportunity to take a big catfish and I immediately felt its power and strength… since that day I have never stopped hunting it and it is more than twenty years that I have been looking for them.

I have catched thousands of catfishes of all sizes and with different techniques, from spinning to break line up to catching a catfish of 264 cm for 120 kg in the river Po with vertical fishing technic.

Over the course of twenty years I have tried everything about catfishing, belly Boat, boats, shore fishing, lake, rivers, canals…. I’m pretty sure that I will never stop searching the dream cat fish especially in my beloved river Po, which is surely one of the best European fishing spot but also one of the more challenging.

The three keys to success

  • Fish care to preserve healthy spot
  • Fish as much as possible
  • Using reliable tackle