Jakub Fiedler

Profile of Jakub Fiedler

  • Date of birth: 09.11.1988
  • Current status: -
  • Hometown: Praha, Czech Republic
  • Joined the Team: 09.03.2023


I've been with the MADCAT brand since I started catfishing, so it's become a matter of the heart and I'm so grateful for the chance to be teamed up with such great catfish anglers who are true professionals and it's made me confident that I can absolutely rely on MADCAT products.


I've been fishing since I was five years old and my dream has always been to catch the catfish that everyone talks about as the legend that draws anglers to the water. The catfish has always been a mysterious creature to me, with a majestic body and incredible strength, which I will always respect and treat with reverence. One day I told myself that dreams are meant to come true and I went all in. In 2022, my girlfriend Anit Gabriel joined me, so now we fish for catfish together and I know we make a great team, I love her passion and I'm very happy to be her mentor. I love active boat fishing because it makes me feel completely free, but my favourite fishing is stationary fishing, where I enjoy the tranquillity of nature the most and just wait for the rods to bend, the bells to ring and the adrenaline to rise in my veins. This moment is addictive, you want more and more and you can't help but love this lifestyle so much.

The three keys to success

  • Patience and perseverance
  • Reliable equipment
  • Step out of your comfort zone and go beyond your limits