Mirko Leonardi

Profile of Mirko Leonardi

  • Date of birth: 20.01.1993
  • Hometown: Rome, Italy
  • Activities: Cat fishing, bass fishing and carp fishing
  • Joined the Team: 03.10.2019


I wanted to join the MADCAT team because I love the products, but the thing that impresses me most about the brand is the great teamwork of all the staff to continuously improve the products and offer the highest quality year after year. 
My favourite species of fish to catch are catfish and black bass, I also like carp fishing when I have the time. My preferred techniques for catfish are break-line and the Clonk, but recently I have been perfecting my vertical fishing.


I started fishing as a child thanks to my father, it was mainly carp fishing in the beginning. As I grew up, fishing became my passion and over the years I discovered and developed many new fishing techniques. I consider myself very lucky because I live in an area very rich in rivers and lakes, especially Lake Bolsena. It was here where I managed to transform my years of experience and passion into work, by organising guided boat fishing trips for black bass.

I have dedicated myself a lot to this predator in recent years and created social media pages to help pass on my knowledge to others. Catfish was a springboard for me and thanks to my Instagram (@mirkoleonardii) and Facebook (Mirko Leonardi), I became known to many people. Over time, my pages have grown considerably and now have thousands of followers. 

In 2016, I organized a fishing trip to Texas with the famous guide Kirk Kirkland in search of one of the largest and most prehistoric freshwater fish in the world: the alligator gar. It was an unforgettable adventure where I managed to capture the alligator gar year record: 222 cm for an impressive weight of 180lb.

In 2019, I became part of the large MADCAT family. Also in 2019, I also became involved in ASD BRS Pro Sport – a sports association for the protection of fishing and Lake Bolsena, which organises training activities, workshops and guided fishing trips and tours for all ages. Another goal has been achieved, but much more will come in the future.

The three keys to success

  • Fishing a lot
  • Observe a lot
  • Believe and commit to what you do