Nico Magdic

Profile of Nico Magdic

  • Date of birth: 01.02.1987
  • Current status: Banker
  • Hometown: Bad Kreuznach, Germany
  • Activities: Mostly Cat Fishing but when I’m abroad I also do all kind of saltwater fishing as well, but beside of that I also like going out and having fun with my friends
  • Joined the Team: 16.02.2021


I’m totally addicted when it comes to fishing, doesn’t matter what kind, from the boat, belly boat or from the sore I just love being close to water. When I was travelling for one year around Australia with my 4WD it was absolutely mandatory for me to set up camp close to water, directly at the beach or in front of a river loaded with Crocodiles.

Main thing was that I could go fishing and in best case catch&cook


I did my first fishing steps when I was a kid (between 6-7 years old) during a family trip in Italy at the Gardasee. Every day I woke up at 6 in the morning in order to catch carps in a little harbor, just with corn and a simple pole. Since this time I felt in love with fishing and I never stopped. After that I was really into Spin & Carp fishing at our local river. The entire time I always admired those huge catfish in the magazines, so I promised myself that one day I’ll catch one of these mysterious monsters. So over 7 years ago I went to Italy, back where everything begun in order to catch a catfish. Of course I didn’t managed to catch one because you need a lot of experience and perseverance but from this time on I knew that my passion and my heart belongs for the catfish.

The three keys to success

  • Enjoy your time at/on the water, the Fish is only the bonus!
  • Fight for your Fish, one day you will be rewarded!
  • Never give up!