Piotr Boufal

Profile of Piotr Boufal

  • Date of birth: 18.05.1988
  • Hometown: Lubin, Poland
  • Activities: Catfishing
  • Joined the Team: 15.10.2015


I have been fishing for catfish for over 13 years. I took my first steps on my native Vistula river in Warsaw, where everything started and has been going on up till now. I catch catfish with almost all stationary and active vertical methods. I joined the MADCAT team with confidence in the success of the Team, which for years has shown great professionalism and commitment to the development of the well-known Brand!


It's hard to say in a few sentences why catfishing is so great. I think that being a small boy and listening to stories about record-breaking and legendary catfish, it sunk somewhere in my subconscious. It is a species that requires a lot of persistence, patience, and faith in success. Of course, we must not forget about the adrenaline that accompanies searching for and fighting these wonderful fish.

The three keys to success

  • Learn from each fishing expedition
  • To believe in their own abilities
  • To be an inventive and creative angler