A new and improved generation of the popular MADCAT belly boat – ready for action, just like you are. This boat has been designed with functionality and safety to the fore and is fully Float Plus-ready, but can also easily have a trolling motor placed in front of the bow. The bumper features a gap specifically to help you attach a motor mount. The new design of this belly boat is 5cm longer than the previous version to improve buoyancy and balance while the drop stitch seat is no less than 2cm higher than normal and features anti-slip EVA padding to further increase comfort. The boat has been designed with three separate air chambers – should the worst happen and one of them get punctured, it can still float with two remaining. All supplied bags are fully waterproof and stable while the MADCAT Pro Motor also has an extra waterproof bag in the front of the tip. Customisation is key with this belly boat – all the tube ends are empty so you can easily equip your chosen desired accessories such as fish finders or rod supports with glue-on pads. Supplied with an easy-to-use hand pump and pressure clock, so you can always be sure it is inflated to the optimum pressure.
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Product number: MCC005 -

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• Float Plus-ready
• Trolling engine mount friendly
• Extra-long for increased stability
• Glue-on pad friendly
• Inflatable bottom
• Extra-high drop stich seat
• Comfortable EVA seat padding
• Four sturdy, super-stable waterproof bags
• Three air chambers
• Non-slip seat straps
• Extra-long drag pads
• Lightweight: 14.5kg (including all bags)
• Length: 185cm
• Hand pump with pressure clock included