Meet two generations of… belly boats

the good, old MADCAT FPR180 belly boat in the middle and on the left and right side: the new MADCAT PRO-MOTOR 185 belly boats. The guy in the left is ...


Belly Boat Pro Motor 185 - Tutorial

A compact and light fishing vessel that can carry even a big guy and all the equipment wanted for fishing monster catfish.


The new MADCAT Green Series

Testing of the new MADCAT Green Series rods began a long time ago for their early 2022 launch. Of course, Alessandro Biancardi was involved, and as yo...


Biodegradable Weight Bag

- for pellet fishing and bait fishing for MONSTER catfish


How to

rig hooks, baits, weights etc. with the MADCAT Pellet range


1.70m catfish caught in Holland on January 1st

The 1st of January Lucas van der Geest went out testing gear - the MADCAT PRO-MOTOR 185 belly boat - and again he got a monster on the new Pelagic cat...


173CM Dutch catfish on the other end of the line

Gone fishing...


Pellet, Paste, Pop-up or Smelly Sauce

MADCAT Pellet range will help you catch monster Catfish!


Pellet fishing for monsters

14-15 Catfish in a day, sounds like a dream, but Francois Robin will teach us how to catch big Catfish in this tutorial...


Catches better than live bait

This lure has already caught some monster Catfish, that´s why with confidence, we can say that it catches better than live bait! A perfectly balanced ...